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My Magic Nature provides alternative & holistic health services, including reiki, fertility consultations, empowering circles for children and women, mindful workshops, corporate reiki services, antient herbal remedies, crystal therapy and aromatherapy.

Unwind. Connect. Restore.

The real journey is WITHIN. We believe that when we are aware of energy in our body, we are able to balance our logical and intuitive mind. We are capable of unlocking our own personal power. We are able to dissolve our limitations and open ourselves up to our true authentic nature. Everything we seek is alive within us. It’s time to discover, align and heal.


Reiki. What is Reiki? Reiki is a gentle and safe healing method which promotes deep relaxation, stress reduction, self-improvement, personal empowerment and natural healing.

What can Reiki help with? Reiki has the capacity to heal every aspect of the bodyphysical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

In today’s modern world, we are often running around on empty - with just enough energy to get through the day. This means that there is not a lot of energy left in our body to work on maintenance, repair and deep healing.

Reiki has been often described
as a ‘massage for the soul’. It promotes healing to occur naturally. It benefits all of us that seek an addition to our self-care tool box. 

Remember who you are. You are loved. You are free.

Reiki Benefits & Outcomes

Deep relaxation. Greater sense of peace. Helps our body to release tension.

Improve wellbeing. Lower stress, anxiety, overwhelm and fatigue.

Sleep better. The ultimate relaxation of our body helps deep sleep.

Feeling energised. Emotionally stronger with a sense of clarity in mind.

Relieves pain. Reiki can improve the body’s vital functions.

Accelerate self-healing. Can aid recovery from injuries, relief from chronic pain, regulate blood pressure, strengthen immune system.

Women’s health. Can help in healing our inner imbalances and physical problems.

Personal and spiritual growth. Experience personal and spiritual growth.

Helps to connect with life direction and purpose.

Fertility Consultations

We have been hand-picked, taught, mentored and co-work
with a genius fertility specialist, herbalist and world well known healer, Ms. Eva Mouckova (83), Prague, Czech Republic. We use centuries’ old European method that has been passed on through generations of wise women – to help women and men to have babies.

Empowering Circles for Women and Children

Women. Women’s circle is a gathering of women to support each other. Women have been getting together in circles since the beginning of time to share their wisdom, stories and how they do things in their lives. Women circle is the oldest form of social interaction. Powerful.

Children. We all want happy, healthy lives for our children. The beneficial effects or mindfulness and reiki for children are endless. Teaching kids how to be still, listen, breathe, meditate may help children manage challenging conditions in this modern world.

Corporate Reiki

Having spent almost 20 years in senior management of a fast-paced working environment of the big 4 professional services firms, we believe that attitude matters. A winning mind requires the right thinking.

Many organisations, CEOs and senior management use therapies (reiki, acupuncture, aromatherapy, etc.) in the workplace as a beneficial way to support wellbeing and focus, reduce stress and enhance performance and productivity. Reiki is a great choice here – as reiki supports and treats every aspect of the body physical, mental and emotional. Why not treat your team members to 45-minute sessions and help them relax, restore, balance energy and uplift their spirits on a regular basis?