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This is My Magic Nature.

Mission. My Magic Nature’s mission is to inspire us to be truthfully connected to our heart as we take on the world. 

Wellbeing of our body, mind and soul is a key to this.

We believe that when we are aware of the energy in our body, we are able to balance our logical and intuitive mind. We believe that when the energy is our body is balanced, we perform at our best.

It is time to start your journey, discover, align and heal. 

About My Magic Nature. My Magic Nature provides alternative & holistic health services that include transformational mentoring, energy balancing with Reiki and Ra-Sheeba (ancient healing methods), guided meditations, women's health & fertility consultations, empowering circles, corporate services & workshops, ancient herbal remedies, clinical aromatherapy, crystal therapy and so on.

About Tereza. The Founder of My Magic Nature, Tereza, is a Lifetime Executive with a passion in Natural Therapies and Holistic Health. Tereza holds a Bachelor's degree in business, Prague, Europe, had been headhunted by PwC Dublin, spent almost 20 years in senior management roles of professional services’ firms. 

  • Lifetime Executive with a passion in Natural Therapies
  • Healing hands since childhood
  • Bachelor's degree in business, Prague, Europe
  • Headhunted by PwC Dublin, spent almost 20 years in senior management roles of professional services’ firms (PwC Dublin, KPMG Sydney, E&Y Sydney and subsequently Asia-Pacific).
  • Has lived in 7 cities, 4 countries.
  • Founder & CEO of My Magic Nature, Alternative & Holistic Health Studio
  • Certified Transformational Coach
  • Certified Reiki and Ra-Sheeba Master and Teacher
  • A mentee of a world-known Herbalist and a Fertility Expert Ms. Eva Mouckova (guided by generations of women in her family, has worked with Ms.  Kamenicka, Father Frantisek Ferda, Mr. Josef Zezulka, Mr. Jindrich Paseka)
  • Speaker (small, medium, large - events, team building sessions, corporate mindfulness, regular workshops in the Gold Coast Libraries and Community Centres, well-being support groups)
  • Clinical Aromatherapist, Accredited by Australian College of Aromatherapy (ACOA)
  • Corporate Wellness Programs & Services
  • Women's & Children's Circles
  • Guided Meditation Facilitator

History. The idea of owning a magical healing studio started in early childhood. Tereza wanted to do something special as many wonderful beings and make them smile. And heal. And let them know they are not alone in this! 

Try a consultation for yourself.

We hear you,

We see you. 

Your feelings are valid.

And! You deserve it.

From my heart to yours, calming energy from My Magic Nature.

Love, Tereza  💖