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Howlite I Chrysocolla I Sterling Silver Healing Bracelet
Howlite I Chrysocolla I Sterling Silver Healing Bracelet

Howlite I Chrysocolla I Sterling Silver Healing Bracelet

My Magic Nature
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Our beautiful crystal jewellery aims to inspire you to be truthful and connected to yourself. Using the highest quality crystals, it is made with a deep intention, entirely by hand. All pieces are infused with love, healing prayer and universal life energy ‘reiki’. Wearing our bracelets and earrings feels like a hug from a friend!

1. Howlite is known for its calming qualities. Howlite reduces anxiety, stress and tension in your body, calms an overactive mind and helps sleeping. Howlite is known to calm the whole body, ease muscle tensions caused by stress and clear your mind of chatter. Howlite will also help to remind you to drink water for optimal health. Physical health: healing any physical ailments, connected to breasts, nurturing babies.

2. Chrysocolla is a powerful soothing stone. Once Chrysocolla touches your skin, it cools off fiery emotions, it eases work-related stress and remind us to check out and take some time for ourselves. Chrysocolla supports courage, strength, vitality and enhances concentration and focus. Stone for teaching. Physical health: calms the nervous system, anxiety, adrenal glands, helps digestion, rheumatism.

Product Details
Stone    8mm White Howlite, Chrysocolla
Metal    Sterling silver 925 charm and My Magic Nature original connector ©
Item#   BWHC19001
Size       18 cm / 7.1 inch (most popular size; stretchy; please leave a comment in your shopping cart if you require different size)

Supercharged with positivity, healing reiki and love. All bracelets are gift wrapped in a beautiful jewellery bag for you to enjoy or gift.

Healing crystal vibes from My Magic Nature, xo!